Monday, August 29, 2005


Kechikan was a fun day. Dad and my Sister went off on a Harley Ride through the area. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of that, but they had a really great time on the tour.

Mom and I went to the Saxman Native Village, where they have the Worlds largest collection of Standing Totem Poles. This picture is from the front steps of their meeting house.

The villiage was settled by the Tlingit people in 1894 upon the recomendation of the School Teacher Samual Saxman. To the right is a picture of some of the natives and the audience members dancing in their meeting house which was made entirely by hand. It is an amazing peice of craftsmanship, all of the planks were hewn by hand and you can feel the rough textures on the walls. It was a really neat experience.

This is the top of one of the totem poles, it is in fact the Image of Abraham Lincoln. The original was carved in the late 1800s, this is a replica. I thought it made sense that they would honor him by putting up a totem pole. But in fact they were honoring a ship called the Lincoln that helped the two Tlingit clans to resolve hostilities between them. Because they can not put inanimate objects on totem poles they had to send out for a photograph of Lincoln and then used that to put his image on top of a totem pole.

After the tour we went and saw the lumberjack show. Burly men chopping wood, I couldn't take pictures, but you could probably see most of them on ESPN anyway.


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