Sunday, August 28, 2005

Glacier Day!

On Tuesday we cruised the Hubbard glacier. We were awoken early by the noises on the ship. And my sister and I enjoyed the view from our balcony until the ship turned tw hours later, and then we went upstairs.It was an amazing experience to see the things that shaped our world up close and personal. And yes, they are blue, that is not just the way the photos were taken.

Before this trip if someone had told me that watching a glacier would be one of the most enjoyable mornings of my life I would have laughed in their faces, but it was fabulous.

Every time a partof the glacier fell into the water or "calved" as they called it, you could hear sounds like a thunderclap and then watch parts of it fall into the sea. It was amazing.

The sheer size of this glacier is really hard to comprehend from the pictures. You can see here, this ship is about halfway between us and the glacier, it helps give you an idea of the hugeness. We had to be careful sailing near it because apparently sometimes parts of the Iceberg under the ocean calve and then pop up to the surface like giant Ice dagger thingies.


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