Tuesday, July 26, 2005


On Monday we spent the day in port at Juneau. It was a lovely little town surrounded by huge mountains.

Mom and I went on a whale watching boat. We saw a killer whale pod. (Apparently this only happens once in a while) they were teaching their young to kill sealions. It was amazing and sad to watch.

Here are some unsuspecting sea lions, they were being lazy since they are nocturnal feeders. It is possible the sea lion the killer whales were attacking came from this colony.

Later we saw a hump back whale, here is a good shot of its tail. This wasn't the best view but it was the best shot I managed to get.

Ater the wildlife cruise we said farewell to our captain and visited the Mendenhall glacier. It was huge and gorgeous. The pictures could never do it justice, but here is one anyway.


Blogger Pyrrho said...

I admit, this is better than hearing about dumbass.

1:35 PM

Blogger Pyrrho said...

in fact.... now I want to take a cruise to alaska.

4:36 PM


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